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Music for Christmas Past

Vintage carol singers photographed by Beowulf Mayfield

Every year I think I should get myself organised to create a festive photograph and print out a few cards. Usually I don't think of it early enough but this year a chance find gave me an idea... Read post

Free ebook - Toys On Tour

Cover of Toys On Tour ebook by Beowulf Mayfield

You read it correctly, there's a free ebook on offer with this post. I've had an ebook making app sitting on my iPad for a few years and I've only just got round to completing a book for distribution to the world. Download your copy now... Read post

The seaside staple

Seaside windmill against a blue sky by Beowulf Mayfield

For some reason, just about every time I go to the seaside on a sunny day I buy a toy windmill, the more colourful the better, and take a set of blurred motion pictures. Once I've finished I give it away - usually to a family with a young kid in tow... Read post.

The return of the animated gif

Way back in the 1990s, when the internet was new, animated images - usually cute or comic - became incredibly popular. They died out as video streaming became more popular but over the past year, the animated gif has been making a comeback... Read post.

Zooming in on the subject

Pink flowers distorted with zoom burst by Beowulf Mayfield

Dull conditions are common if you live in Britain and there are times when you just have to make the best of it. However, low light is good for working with zoom burst, the process of twisting a zoom lens during a relatively short exposure... Read post

Camera shake in the woods

Woodland scene blurred by intentional camera movement photographed by Beowulf Mayfield

For me, woodland photography is an exercise in coping with low light. If I feel strong, I carry a tripod for long exposure work. If not, I slow the shutter down anyway and indulge in a little intentional camera movement (ICM)... Read post

Beautiful to see and hear

Busker playing African flute photographed by Beowulf Mayfield

When I encounter musicians playing in the street, the former musician in me starts judging the quality of their musical performance - or lack of it. However, these days I also find myself considering how I might like to photograph them... Read post

Lumen printing - catching the sun

Warhol-style montage based on lumen print of a starfruit slice

When people think of photography, they generally assume a camera will be involved. However, the strict definition of photography is the creation of a durable image by recording light either on an electronic sensor or on a surface treated with light-sensitive chemicals. Although a camera makes the process of capturing an image more efficient, it's possible to work without one... Read post.

Front window exposure at The Arterie

The Arterie Gallery and Picture Framers in East Dulwich

I've recently had the very good fortune to have some prints accepted by The Arterie Gallery and Picture Framers in East Dulwich. It was exciting when they first went into the display rack but when I heard two of them were on show in the front window I had to run down, take a photo and shout about it.... Read post

Spring beauty with jagged edges

Multiframe picture of tree with pink blossom

Every spring the web becomes flooded with pictures of trees adorned in pink and white blossom. It's a welcome relief after the misery of winter to see the spring blooms but how to make your picture stand out from the rest? I tried going lo-fi with a plastic camera, a roll of cheap film and a bit of fooling about with Photoshop... Read post

It's pinhole derby day

Pinhole black and white photograph of vintage toy racehorse

Toys are excellent for pinhole photography subjects - they don't mind sitting still for hours on end and they don't complain that you've made them look fat. Pinhole photography lets you get really close up on the miniature world...Read post

Marching with stop animation

Catford Broadway video thumbnail showing toy saxophone player being chased by a toy tiger cub

Stop animation has always interested me and I had the idea of creating an animation using toy military bandsmen to illustrate a track by the great guitarist and composer Billy Jenkins. I set about photographing a mixed bunch of toys and pieced them together to produce a minute of animated musical anarchy using simple iMovie software. It took a bit of patience but it was fun...Read post

Impressionism with a Lensbaby

Ladybird poppies photographed by Beowulf Mayfield using a Lensbaby Muse

The world is full of razor sharp, perfectly-exposed floral pictures - you have to put in a lot of careful work to compete with these at the best of times. If you're working in a crowded space, poor light and a tripod is right out of the question, it's time to try a different way of getting the picture... Read post

Winding back to film

When I bought my first digital camera it looked like I'd given up film for good. If someone had said I'd be using film again within five years I would have laughed at them until they cried. It turned out film was far from dead... Read post

Motoring with flash

Toy red racing car in motion photographed by Beowulf Mayfield

For years I thought flash was simply something you used to compensate for bad light. Flash guns cost money and on-board flash seemed to make people look startled and turned their eyes red. However, all that changed when I finally read a book about flash techniques and began to unlock their creative power... Read post

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