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Quick Snaps on a Sunny Day

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It's May 2020 and the UK remains in lockdown against the vile Covid-19 pandemic. Criticism of the government's handling of the crisis is on the rise, the infection rate is apparently on the way down but lives are still being lost. It's not an easy time for anyone.

Since I rely on public transport to get about I've found my movements quite restricted - buses, trains and tubes are considered potential hot-beds of infection best avoided and I can't honestly call travelling to take photographs for a personal project essential travel. So I'm limited to walking around suburbia and snapping what I can.

A Quick Walk in the Sun is a small set of images quickly snapped in roughly 15 minutes. I used my beloved Lensbaby Muse art lens just to make things a bit more interesting. It's hard to get particularly inspired on a walk around streets you've walked thousands of times but that's reason to stop looking... Look at the PDF.

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Why don't you do some tabletop photography? Lack of motivation, which I agree is no excuse. I'd just prefer to be photographing outside...

What's a Lensbaby? Lensbaby is an American lensmaker that produces an ever-expanding range of creative lenses. I was using a Muse, no longer part of the part of the current range, which is a spring-mounted lens that you can tilt to create all sorts of artistic effects. They are a lot of fun.

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