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Cover of Toys On Tour ebook by Beowulf Mayfield

Toys on Tour

When I got an iPad several years ago I went on a hunt for interesting apps. One that sounded promising was Book Creator for iPad.

It doesn't have the sophistication of InDesign but it provides three templates, populated with pictures dragged in from an iPad photo stream or downloaded off the web and text downloaded or inputted by hand.

Once you've finished your creation - I've no idea if there is any limit on the number of pages you can put in an individual book - you can then share it through Dropbox or similar cloud share system or email as a .epub or .pdf. It can also be shared to iTunes or converted into a movie slideshow. There is also a special sharing system for teachers only and it seems the app was developed with teachers in mind.

I've finally got round to creating an ebook of my own - Toys On Tour, a collection of pictures I've been taking of toys. I've decided to call them "photo cartoons" because I hope they make people smile.

Most of these images have been sitting on my Flickr photostream for several years but it's fun to give them a fresh outing for the sake of experiment.

Now, I've been able to open the ebooks on my own iPad and laptop but I've got no idea if they will work for anyone else and in the spirit of experimentation I'm making the .epub and .pdf versions available here for free download. The links are below. All I ask in return is a message to let me know if it works or not.

To download the .epub file: click here.

To download the .pdf file: click here.

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