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One Day In Lockdown zine

A Zine for Lockdown

I've been an admirer of Austin Kleon, the writer who draws, for several years. He is a great advocate of zines - simple, home-made booklets produced for small circulation.

One very simple zine design is a simple A4 sheet of paper folded, snipped and re-folded to create an eight-page booklet. Austin Kleon's video of the technique inspired me to have a go and the arrival of a new printer prompted me to produce something to print out.

The former poet in me came up with some silly rhymes, Adobe InDesign enabled me to fool about with some wild typesetting and the Coronavirus lockdown provided the time... One Day In Lockdown is a silly poem with absolutely no literary merit produced in strange times...

You are welcome to download a copy in PDF format that you can print out on a sheet of A4 and fold yourself.

Stay well...

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What's the link again? Here it is...

How does it fold? This video explains it.

Why don't you make an ebook instead? I probably will make an ebook for lockdown - I was curious to try this technique since it's fun to create physical things.

Who's Austin Kleon? An American writer and artist who has produced some interesting books about the creative process. He also puts out a good weekly newsletter. Here is a link to his website.

You can see more by visiting my Flickr photo stream.