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Welcome to the home page of Beowulf "Wulfie" Mayfield, creative photographer, podcaster, editor and great cook. Hello world and all that...

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Music for Christmas Past

Vintage carol singers photographed by Beowulf Mayfield

Blog post: Every year I think I should get myself organised to create a festive photograph and print out a few cards. Usually I don't think of it early enough but this year a chance find gave me an idea... Read post

A fight to the bell

Billy Jenkins and Tony Messenger square up in the boxing ring. Photographed by Beowulf Mayfield

Podcast episode: Of all forms of jazz, free improvisation is possibly the most challenging for the listening audience. Billy recognises this and to make things a little easier for listeners he devised his musical Big Fights... Beowulf Mayfield cornered record producer Tony Messenger to describe the challenges of recording a musical fight for the Billy Jenkins Listening Club podcast.

Too much pressure

Billy Jenkins playing guitar in a supermaket car park. Photographed by Beowulf Mayfield

Podcast episode: There's too much going on in the world - too much information, too much noise, too much social pressure and too much of everything! In this episode Billy describes how the irritations of suburban life inspired one of his most stamping, stomping and comical blues songs... Hear him talking with Beowulf Mayfield for the Billy Jenkins Listening Club podcast.

Practice Makes Perfect...

Light painting of flute player Eddie Parker by Beowulf Mayfield

Project update: I've been working on a series of photographs of the unseen side of music making - the process of music practice - a routine, often horribly repetitive process that can shape a student into a world-class musician, or reduce them to a blubbering wreck who never wants to look at an instrument ever again. As someone who never did enough practice, I'm turning my lens on some of the people who did... Read all about it

Free ebook - Toys On Tour

Cover of Toys On Tour ebook by Beowulf Mayfield

Blog post: You read it correctly, there's a free ebook on offer for your enjoyment. I've had an ebook making app sitting on my iPad for a few years and I've only just got round to completing a book for distribution to the world. Download your copy now... Read post

The Podcast Box-set Binge

Beowulf Mayfield interivews Billy Jenkins photographed by Beowulf Mayfield

Podcast update: The Billy Jenkins Listening Club webcast is now boxed up for your binge listening pleasure. Listen to all six episodes from series one - and the bonus preview episode... Watch the promotional video and listen to the whole series.

The seaside staple

Seaside windmill against a blue sky by Beowulf Mayfield

Blog post: For some reason, just about every time I go to the seaside on a sunny day I buy a toy windmill, the more colourful the better, and take a set of blurred motion pictures. Once I've finished I give it away - usually to a family with a young kid in tow... Read post.

A life-changing collaboration

Tony Messenger in his psychadelic-wrapped car photographed by Beowulf Mayfield

Podcast episode: Record producer Tony Messenger jumped into his amazing psychadelic-wrapped car for the trip to leafy Brockley to talk about his long association with Billy Jenkins and the challenges of capturing the essence of his musical ideas on record... Hear him talking with Beowulf Mayfield for the Billy Jenkins Listening Club podcast.

The pain of smooth jazz

Billy Jenkins models Sade-style lips photographed by Beowulf Mayfield

Podcast episode: Musician Billy Jenkins explains his philosophy of "aural cartoons" and describes how an overdose of so-called "smooth" jazz can really grate on the nerves. It might be exploring a form of torture but there's no connection with the Marquis de Sade - really... Listen

Beautiful to see and hear

Busker playing African flute photographed by Beowulf Mayfield

Blog post: When I encounter musicians playing in the street, the former musician in me starts judging the quality of their musical performance - or lack of it. However, these days I also find myself considering how I might like to photograph them... Read post

'Anything could happen'

Charlie Hart photographed by Beowulf Mayfield

Podcast episode: Multi-instrumentalist, bandleader and record producer Charlie Hart describes meeting Billy Jenkins through Wood Wharf studios performing with the Voice of God Collective in the late 1980s... Listen

It's pinhole derby day

Pinhole black and white photograph of vintage toy racehorse

Blog post: Toys are excellent for pinhole photography subjects - they don't mind sitting still for hours on end and they don't complain that you've made them look fat. Pinhole photography lets you get really close up on the miniature world...Read post

Marching with stop animation

Catford Broadway video thumbnail showing toy saxophone player being chased by a toy tiger cub

Blog post: Stop animation has always interested me and I had the idea of creating an animation using toy military bandsmen to illustrate a track by the great guitarist and composer Billy Jenkins. I set about photographing a mixed bunch of toys and pieced them together to produce a minute of animated musical anarchy using simple iMovie software. It took a bit of patience but it was fun...Read post

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Special features

This site is host to the Billy Jenkins Listening Club podcast, a unique aural insight into the music and philosophy of guitarist, bandleader and composer Billy Jenkins. The podcast, featuring Billy Jenkins and some of his musical collaborators, is presented, recorded and edited by Beowulf "Wulfie" Mayfield. Read more...

I've always loved music and used to play piano, saxophone and guitar. However, my creative energies switched over to photography in 2007 and I've devoted my attentions to that ever since. Most of my photography has been landscape and tabletop set ups but I'm now turning my lens onto musicians. Read more...

The Shutterings and Mutterings blog describes some of my photographic adventures, including experimental techniques used, interesting things seen and some of the most pleasing results. Read more...

Billy Jenkins photographed by Beowulf Mayfield

If you've never heard of Billy Jenkins before don't worry - there is a first time for everything and you might find you like what you hear. You can read more about him and see some audio-visual slideshows here...