Mixed Ramblings

Dredging up the past

During the 1990s and early noughties, I was a performance poet. In order to keep my performances fresh I set a personal rule to write something new for every show. Some efforts weren't up to much and were abandoned, others got rewritten and ended up as better poems, a tiny handful were hits from the first outing. It was very healthy for the creative process.

Once I stopped performing, I stopped thinking about new material and the writing subsequently fizzled out as well. However, four ideas emerged during the fizzling-out period and got shaped into finished poems. I've been meaning to put them together in a booklet or ebook for years and now I've finally got round to compiling an ebook as an exercise while getting my head around Adobe InDesign.

It's called Dredged From The Depths Of An Ancient Inbox and since it's an experiment, it's available here as a free download

To download an epub file to read in Apple iBooks: click here

To download a pdf file: click here

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